Branch of Srima International School Of 

Transformational Yoga India

To know is good, to live is better, to be, that is perfect.   
                                                         (The Mother, 1960)
         YOGA TEACHER TRAINING @          

Sri Meerambigai Garden, C.M. Chavady no.95,
Near Le Ciel  Homestay, 

Near Auroville Main Road, Near Auroville,
Kottakupam, Villupuram District 605104,
Tamil Nadu, India

Time : 6am to 8am (people who are interested to join daily classes)


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" I could feel a heart opening, an inner calmness. The physical practices were very demanding but also very relaxing and I felt very soon, a lot of energy. I wasn't getting tired any more and I had no need to sleep too long." - Barbra Reichl, Austria

" Got to know a lot about myself through this yoga practice."- Aarushi Khurana, India

" I feel more calm and at the same time more energetic."- Gizem Mutlay, Turkey