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Laziness, pains, lack of energy; our outer Physical body has too many toxins, we produce a lot of energy that our sedentary lifestyle doesn’t allow us to release and it gets trapped inside. Not only in the physical body, impurities accumulate in other layers too: our Prana body, heavy of unexpressed emotions, makes us feel restless, we have no patience and feel unsatisfied in life. Our over-stimulated and over-loaded Mental body is jammed with negative thoughts, confused and we are unable to make quick, assertive decisions. Our psychic body, full of expectations and hurt by too many disappointments and heart breaks, leaves us unable to feel and express the true love and care which is naturally present within. The impurities accumulated in all four layers: Physical, Prana, Mental and Psychic disturb the harmony in the body, they are the cause of all imbalances.


The purpose of the Self-Transformational Yoga courses dispensed at SriMa is to give you the keys to create true balance in your outer Nature, experience your Eternal Nature in practical life and develop true guidance at all levels.


How do I experience my Eternal Nature and develop true guidance at all levels? and how is it possible to transpose this to my everyday life?


The first step is the Purification of all four bodies: purification of the Physical body through Hatha yoga asanas, Prana body through simple breathing techniques, Mental body through sound vibrations, Psychic body through the chanting of specific Mantras. 


The second step is the generation of our inner energy at every level. Understand the basis of the energy system in the body, how to safely and durably release and benefit from this energy in practical life.


The third step focuses on establishing a communication bridge between our untransformed, impure nature and our transformed, pure nature to experience our true Eternal Self.


Self-Transformational Yoga course level 1: Purification


This 10 days programme intends to make you take the first steps towards real transformation of your life by getting in touch with your Self, who you truly are.


No need to retire and leave everything behind to make your way towards Self-mastery. Durable transformation happens in practical life, is based on daily life experiences and takes advantage of challenges encountered to progress and establish its roots deeper.


Self-Transformational Yoga course level 2: Generation of energy


The main purpose of this 20 days programme is too make you aware of the source of infinite energy lying dormant inside of you. Understand how you can naturally and safely awaken this energy and avail its benefits in your practical life.


You will learn the mechanism of the circulation of energy in the bodies, not only in the physical body but in all four layers, and experience it in order to take it back home and apply it to your day to day life.


Self-Transformational Yoga course level 3: Communication with the Eternal Self


This 30 days programme endeavours to make you come into contact with your true Eternal Self and experience higher levels of Consciousness. The higher dimensions are accessible to everyone who is an open-hearted honest seeker of the Truth with the right method.


During 30 days, you will be gradually made conscious of the composition of your body, going deep within and into the four layers that are at the base of you and all creation. You will also learn the mechanisms of purification, energy generation and circulation in all bodies and chakras.

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