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Branch of Srima International School Of Transformational Yoga a India

To know is good, to live is better, to be, that is perfect.   
                                                         (The Mother, 1960)

Sri Meerambigai Garden, C.M. Chavady no.95,
Near Le Ciel  Homestay, 

Near Auroville Main Road, Near Auroville,
Kottakupam, Villupuram District 605104,
Tamil Nadu, India

Time : 6am to 8am (people who are interested to join daily classes)


Book now for a truly Transformational Experience in INDIA.


Transform your life through Transformational Yoga near Pondicherry. Inspired by the Mother and facilitated by Swami Vidyanand, the integral approach to Self-Transformation takes us way beyond the limitations of the body, transcending the mind, opening our horizon to the light within and guiding us to live everyday life as our true Self.


Transformational Yoga® is a truly integral yoga system. It synthesises techniques a variety of yogic systems to bring about rapid transformation.

Transformational Yoga® goes far beyond just physical exercise. While offering a complete approach to well-being, Transformational Yoga® takes into account physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health. It functions on a deeper level to stimulate kundalini energy to move up through the chakras, purifying and awakening the pure body.


" I could feel a heart opening, an inner calmness. The physical practices were very demanding but also very relaxing and I felt very soon, a lot of energy. I wasn't getting tired any more and I had no need to sleep too long." - Barbra Reichl, Austria

" Got to know a lot about myself through this yoga practice."- Aarushi Khurana, India

" I feel more calm and at the same time more energetic."- Gizem Mutlay, Turkey

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